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PANDEXIT utilise un GIS (Geographic Information System) pour localiser géographiquement les foyers d’infection simulés et leur évolution

We introduced you to the Qatari start-up ADGS but we wanted to know more about their know-how and the vision of Qatar.

Qatar could have a place in the world of High Tech with this Start-Up but it seems that the country may not yet be sensitive to the "gold" of High Tech, compared to Israel where high technology is essential. It is one of the main growth engines of the Israeli economy: the last decade has seen the completion of 1,210 mega-transactions amounting to scheckels 385 billion ($ 111 billion) for Israeli startups.

The start up we are writing about, ADGS, already sells its software to some countries to ensure their cybersecurity, but they expect the list of countries to expand, as the needs in security and also in health, with this pandemic which is raging in the world, are important and vital.

We therefore called the founder of ADGS, Christophe Billiottet, a Frenchman who has been living in Qatar for years, to ask him some questions.

Alliance - Can security software like STROKK be used by individuals?

Christophe Billiottet: absolutely. STROKK software is fully integrated with Microsoft and Apple operating systems. It is perfectly transparent for a legitimate user, and blocks an impostor, even if he has the correct password.

Alliance - What is STROKK anyway?

Christophe Billiottet - STROKK is a software which analyzes and learns the speed of the neural connections between the brain and the fingers. This allows STROKK to individually recognizes users of a simple keyboard. This product can authenticate a user when he types his password, and rejects impostors.

Alliance - Apart from Strokk have you created others security softwares?

Christophe Billiottet - We have another version of STROKK, which is called STROKK FT (for Free Text) and which is no longer linked to the password, but learns the keystroke dynamics of a person. The system is transparent and records the individual characteristics of the PC user.
STROKK FT is then able to recognize and follow a user when he changes machines within the company network, and to raise an alarm with the IT department when someone outside the company uses one of the computers.

Alliance - Which countries have already purchased ADGS solutions?

Christophe Billiottet: For the moment Argentina, Kuwait, Turkey, Malta and we are in talks with 3 other Asian countries.

Alliance - Not Qatar?

Christophe Billiottet: No one is a prophet in his country ...

Alliance - what is your line of development? Cybersecurity? Health?

Really, it will depend on the investor and partners who will join us:
if it's a government, it will likely be our cybersecurity, military, intelligence, public health, or civil defense solutions.
If it is private investors, then the STROKK solution will certainly be a priority, given the size of its market (STROKK works in any language)

Alliance - In these times of pandemic, what ADGS can offer to the world and to Israel specifically ?

ADGS develops a software, PANDEXIT, which models the entire population of a country and performs contagion simulations at home, in transport, in places of leisure and work.
Fully configurable, PANDEXIT simulates the national health policies and allow to immediately visualize their outcome, in just a few minutes of calculation.

We can specify dates for reopening schools, stores, measure the effects of masks, the risks in public transport, the rate of contagion of pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic, the rate of public adherence to the rules and even the climate or virus mutations. All these variables and much much more produce a visual outcome that allows to compare the results of any number policies. It is then up to the government to choose the best policy, usually the one that will save the most lives, and to limit the impact on the economy. This software has proven to be very effective.

For more information on the company click here on our previous article

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